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Exibitions and Fairs | from 13/04/2014

Irving Penn. Resonance

One hundred and fifty photographs from the Pinault collection (...)

Exibitions and Fairs | from 13/04/2014

The Illusion of Light

It is the light that makes the invisible dimension become visible (...)

Exibitions and Fairs

Prima materia

A selection of about eighty works, from 1960 to the present, created by artists from the Pinault Collection (...)

Exibitions and Fairs | from 04/04/2014

AesthEthics of Chaos. Order and Imagination.

Ten years after his demise of Renzo Bergamo, the Venetian venue renders tribute to this artist (...)

Cultural Meetings | from 06/04/2013

Bochaleri at the Giardini 2014

Venetian ceramic at the Giardini of Castello (...)

Exibitions and Fairs | from 08/02/2014

from Renaissance to Century of Enlightenment. - THE IMAGE OF THE EUROPEAN CITY,

The suggestive European urban universe, from the Renaissance to the Century of Enlightenment (...)