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Shows | from 20/09/2014

Limes - 58th International Festival of Contemporary Music

The title Limes suggests a music that is far off in space and time (...)

Exibitions and Fairs | from 20/09/2014

Azimut/H. Continuity and novelty

Azimut/h was one of the great catalysts of Italian and European (...)

Exibitions and Fairs | from 13/09/2014

Venice defends itself 1915 - 1918

One hundred years after the start of the first world conflict (...)

Shows | from 21/06/2014

Goldoni Experience - Venetian fresco

Scenes from everyday life in Venice in the 18th century (...)

Exibitions and Fairs | from 07/06/2014


14th International Architecture Exhibition (...)

Exibitions and Fairs | from 06/09/2014

Little Big Things. Masterpieces of the Storp collection

the major ones worldwide of perfumery vials (...)