Dorsoduro Museum Mile


With the passage of the Veneto Region in the yellow zone, the cultural proposal of the Dorsoduro Museum Mile also resumes, the extraordinary route through eight centuries of art with integrated itineraries, shared communication and discounts on entrance tickets to museums. The cultural proposal of the DMM – Dorsoduro Museum Miles starts again with museum […]

Venice Open Museums

Museums in Venice reopen during carnival period February is carnival time that this year will be held online, but carnival is not just a show, the Venice Carnival is a no. to carefreeness, lightness and fun. It is the month of lovers with Valentine’s Day and in this perspective the Museums with their exhibitions find […]

Venice Carnival

The magic of the Venice Carnival comes to you, wherever you are, thanks to a calendar of virtual events dedicated to its history and traditions.

The Imperial Rooms of Sissi Royal Palace

Open to the public in July 2012 the new itinerary of the Imperial Rooms of the Royal Palace in Venice: a complex project, ended with the acquisition and the restauration of nine rooms, before occupied by public offices. This project is realized by the Comité Français pour la Sauvegarde de Venise and the collaboration of […]

The Doge’s Apartment

Gli appartamenti del Doge - Palazzo Ducale

The rooms intended for private life, are about twenty and developed, at least until the seventeenth century, in the mezzanines above and below the main floor. The fundamental nucleus of the apartment was therefore a certain prestigious dwelling, but not too extensive. Far from rare, then, was that a doge before the election had been […]

The courtyard of the Doge's Palace

Entering the Palace from the Wheat Gate, located on the oldest south wing, on the left is the wing towards the Piazzetta, facing west, on the right the Renaissance wing, to the east. The courtyard is closed, in front, from a fourth side, to the north, where The Doge's Palace borders St. Mark's Basilica, which […]