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Bugno Art Gallery has been exhibiting modern and contemporary art and photography in Venice since 1991. In its thirty years of activity the gallery has collaborated with a selection of international artists, maintaining a strong link with the post-war Venetian art scene. Located in front of the Teatro La Fenice, it includes a gallery and an adjacent exhibition space of over 180 square meters, used for exhibitions and events.



The Bugno art gallery is an important and famous art gallery known throughout the world

How to get to the Bugno Art Gallery

To reach the Bugno Art Gallery, pass the large portico of the Napoleonic wing where the Correr museum is located, one of the main ones in the city, and after crossing the San Moisè bridge at the foot of the church of the same name, take Calle largo XXII Marzo – the street of the big names – until you turn right to reach Campo San Fantin.

Here is the facade of the Gran Teatro La Fenice, the temple of music in the city, one of the most celebrated Italian opera houses. Opposite, the first gallery appears, certainly one of the best known in the city: the Bugno Art Gallery, directed by Massimiliano Bugno who founded it in 1991.

Modern and contemporary art

Here, in a continuous search between modernity and contemporaneity, twentieth-century masters who have had a strong bond with the city such as Santomaso, De Luigi, Pizzinato, Guidi, Vedova, up to the international Joe Tilson and Gavin Rain meet.

Particular attention of the gallery is also reserved for photography which includes as authors, among others, Luca Campigotto Andrea Morucchio and Marco Zanta.

The new exhibition space called “in Corte”

A further evocative space called “in Corte” adjacent to the gallery hosts a splendid retrospective dedicated to Paolo Gioli, the first to pay homage to this great artist and to the almost unpublished pictorial works he created in the first half of the 1960s, when in his early twenties he frequented the Venetian artistic circles.

The guest artists of the Bugno Art Gallery

The gallery spaces have hosted the works of Alighiero Boetti, Piero Dorazio, Ben Vautier, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Salvo, Mario Schifano, Giuseppe Santomaso, Emilio Vedova, Edmondo Bacci, Armando Pizzinato just to name a few.

The commitment pursued over the years is to keep the link with the territory alive, re-evaluating the artistic activity born in the city, from the post-war period onwards, with an eye to the new contemporary artists of Venice.

Bugno Art Gallery hosts the works of internationally recognized artists, new emerging and established talents.

Since 2004, attention has also been focused on photography, with the exhibition of the work of various artists, including: Luca Campigotto, Marco Zanta, Paolo Ventura, Maurizio Galimberti, Bruno Cattani, Pier Paolo Fassetta and Fabio Zonta.


Modern and contemporary art and photography. The artists of Bugno Art Gallery are internationally recognized by art critics, gallery owners and collectors. Some of the greatest masters of the twentieth century approach the research on the contemporary, united by a strong bond with the city of Venice.





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