Ca’ Pesaro, a marvelous Venetian palace overlooking the Grand Canal

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Ca’ Pesaro, a splendid palace overlooking the Grand Canal, a masterpiece of Venetian Baroque architecture, now home to the International Gallery of Modern Art, included in the heritage of the city’s Civic Museums.



How to reach Ca’ Pesaro

Located in the San Polo district less than ten minutes from the two nerve centers of Rialto and the railway station, Ca’ Pesaro offers the opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful collections of works of art in the city, launched on the occasion of the second edition of the Biennale and later made visible in its spaces (it was 1902) thanks to the donation of the Duchess Felicita Bevilacqua La Masa.

The patrimony of works inside the Ca’ Pesaro palace

Over the years, its heritage has been enriched with works by Italian and European twentieth-century masters, including masterpieces such as The Thinker by Auguste Rodin and Judith II by Gustave Klimt. Today there is one more opportunity to enjoy a visit to the Gallery, the recently presented donation of Gemma De Angelis Testa.

In terms of extension and quality, this is one of the most important donations received by the museum, made up of around a hundred works by protagonists of the contemporary art scene: from Rauschenberg and Twombly to Pistoletto and Calzolari; passing through Kiefer, De Dominicis, Clemente, Cucchi, Schifano, up to the other half of the avant-garde with Abramovic, Beecroft, Hofer, Mori, Neshat. The choices and paths of taste of the collector start from the middle of the last century and develop a continuous dialogue with the production of Armando Testa, represented in the collection by 17 masterpieces.

International Museum of Modern Art

The Ca’ Pesaro museum housed in the sumptuous spaces of one of the most famous buildings in Venice located along the waterway of the Grand Canal, a masterpiece of Venetian Baroque civil architecture, is today one of the most prestigious museums in the city containing important collections of ‘modern Art.

Wanted by the powerful Pesaro family, it became the property of the Duchess Felicita Bevilacqua La Masa at the end of the 19th century, who assigned the building to modern art, leaving it to the city for this purpose, which included it in its museum heritage among the Civic Museums of Venice.

The itinerary and the collections the precious permanent collection of the Ca’ Pesaro museum

To the precious permanent collection of Ca’ Pesaro represented by masterpieces of the early twentieth century among which stand out the famous The Thinker by Auguste Rodin and Judith II (Salomé) by Gustav Klimt and, among others, by the works of Medardo Rosso, Giacomo Balla, Adolfo Wildt , Arturo Martini, Gino Rossi, Giorgio Morandi, Felice Casorati, alongside the collections of Chiara and Francesco Carraro with a nucleus of 32 works by important Italian authors of the twentieth century and that of Ileana and Michael Sonnabend with important works of Pop art, Nouveau réalisme , Arte Povera, Antiform, Minimal and Conceptual Art.


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