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Venice, with its rich artistic tradition and unique atmosphere, continues to be a source of inspiration for artists from around the world. In this captivating context, the Arte Laguna Prize stands as a beacon for emerging art, celebrating innovation and creativity as fundamental pillars. This eclectic and international exhibition has over the years become a reference point for contemporary art enthusiasts.

A Global Platform for Emerging Art

With over 240 works by artists from more than 50 countries worldwide, selected by a prestigious group of curators, museum directors, and art experts, the Arte Laguna Prize provides a global showcase for emerging talents. Each year, from among over 20,000 submissions, the organizers choose the finalists who represent the best of contemporary art.

Exploring All Forms of Contemporary Art

The exhibition stands out for its diversity and multidisciplinarity, embracing all forms of contemporary art. From more traditional mediums such as painting, sculpture, and photography to bolder and more innovative expressions such as installation, video, performance, digital art, cartoons, land art, and street art, the Arte Laguna Prize offers a comprehensive view of the evolution of art in the 21st century.

A Blend of Art and History in Venice

But there is more to the Arte Laguna Prize: it is the blend of contemporary art and Venice’s history that makes it an unmissable event. The finalists’ exhibition, located in the historic Arsenale, is a living testament to the city and its historical legacy. A stroll of about two kilometers from San Marco leads art lovers to this iconic venue, transforming the visit into a complete cultural experience.

The Arte Laguna Prize continues to solidify its position as one of the leading events in the field of contemporary art in Venice. With a constant focus on innovation, creativity, and the dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity, this exhibition offers a fascinating perspective on the art of the present and the future, immersed in Venice’s timeless beauty.

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