Art galleries in Venice, an almost exclusive destination for artists, art lovers and collectionist

The art galleries. Once an almost exclusive destination for artists, art lovers and collectors, they occupied small but engaging spaces especially around the San Marco area. Here we discussed and discussed, perhaps waiting for the critic that that art or artist could present them in the newspapers or, the enthusiast, who inebriated by a work, could buy it.

The Art Galleries in Venice

A tour among some art galleries in Venice

Today the Art Galleries are an ideal refuge from the hectic bustle of the calli and offer, in a muted atmosphere, an undoubted moment of pleasure and relaxation, to discover the infinite world of art.

Here, then, is a choice of galleries that represent, as well as an elite among the many in the city, a surprising alternative itinerary to the panorama of exhibitions and museums.

The galleries

With this tour we will take you to the heart of the city, San Marco, and to the wonderful Ghetto of Venice.



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