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The Ghetto et Cetera Gallery, born from the union and the twenty-years of experience of the Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery. 

Here Donatella B. Melori, founder of the historic gallery – the first in the Ghetto area – and Alice Faga, the young and passionate Art director, will continue the original artistic research with this new project by hosting solo exhibitions and offering services for artists want to display their work in Venice, in a space that nowadays is also virtually accessible.

To the temporary exhibitions, the gallery will add the permanent collection showcasing works by Luigi Rocca, a hyperrealist painter inspired by America and in particular by the United States; by Lucia Sarto, from Friuli, known for her style called “Romantic Realism” and also with works by Fabio Colussi, Donatella Bedello, Ari Erom and Giorgio Rocca.

The gallery, with its two windows and the entrance door, faces the Campo of the Ghetto Nuovo, right in front of the new entrance of the Jewish Museum (now undergoing renovations) next to the bridge that leads to the busy Fondamenta degli Ormesini.

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Apertura: Tutti i giorni escluso il lunedì
Orario apertura: Sab 10–13
Dom, Mar, Mer, Gio, Ven: 10–13, 14–18

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Indirizzo: Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, 2919, 30121 Venezia VE

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