PEGGY GUGGENHEIM | The last Dogaressa

A selection of paintings, sculptures and works on paper, as well as documents, in an important exhibition by curators Karole Vail, the Collection Director, and Gražina Subelytė, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the move to Venice – which took place in 1948 – by the famous American collector and patron, who died in 1979.


Francesco Morosini at war in Candia and in Morea

An exhibition within the framework of the Venetian doge and condottiero’s 400th birth anniversary, to admire a valuable and so far unseen cycle of Eighteenth century paintings on the military campaigns carried in Candia and the Peloponnese, once a domain of the Serene Republic. This exhibition by curator Elisabetta Molteni, also features documents, models, weaponry and war relics, including some Turkish command banners, two rare Ottoman cannons, a few musical and scientific instruments, maps… 


FROM TITIAN TO RUBENS | Masterpieces from Antwerp and other Flemish collections

A Palazzo Ducale di Venezia si apre la mostra da Tiziano a Rubens, che svela con un nucleo di capolavori raramente concessi in prestito (alcuni addirittura mai esposti al pubblico) il rapporto tra due grandi scuole di pittura, quella veneziana e quella fiamminga.