Peggy Guggenheim and… October in Venice

A palace in white Istrian stone nestling on the water… Its vertical development seems to have been disrupted, or rather, it has always been like this. It is Ca’ Venier dei Leoni, for everybody, Peggy Guggenheim’s palace. Its ever-unmistakeable image has become iconic by now, just like that of its last owner, the eccentric American collector, the daughter of Benjamin Guggenheim (who died on the Titanic in 1912).


September in Venice

An extraordinary month, such as few cities worldwide are able to offer, to be wholly discovered and experienced: it is September in Venice. This is the most sought-after period of the year, not only due to the mildness of its climate, favouring a pleasant stay in the lagoon, but also to the important series of events traditionally featured now in town for its Guests. We shall begin as usual with the Venice international Film Festival or, more correctly, with the Mostra internazionale d’Arte cinematografica di Venezia, at the moment, one of the most awaited events within its ambit.


Islands, among the city treasures

Distinguished by a social fabric still full of the spontaneity often erased by extensive tourist footfall, Burano, like the other islands in the lagoon, is a pleasant and relaxing destination nowadays. Its throbbing heart is the Baldassare Galuppi Square (named after a well-known composer born on the is-land) where the church and characteristic leaning bell-tower may be found, and from where little crafts shops and enticing trattorias spread outwards. Once the visit is over, one may embark in the direction of another true gem of the lagoon, the island of Torcello, once the ancient capital of the lagoon. Here, one may admire the relics of what used to be a large town and of the last buildings that have withstood the brunt of history: the cathedral, the church of Santa Fosca, the mediaeval tower, the Devil’s bridge and finally, what legend has handed down to us as Attila’s throne. On Ferragosto day (15 August), the Assumption Fête, the most important event of the year, takes place in Torcello.

Gorky Arshile (dit), Vosdanig Manoog Adoian (1904-1948). Paris, Centre Pompidou - Musée national d'art moderne - Centre de création industrielle. AM1971-151.

Days of Art…

…“So, along with the contemporaneity of what exists, there is the contemporaneity of what has existed and continues to live.” 

Due maschere posano sul molo di San Marco... sullo sfondo il bacino e l’isola di San Giorgio Maggiore

Carnival’s coming!

Two masks are posing on Saint Mark’s quay, with the basin and the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in the background. Carnivals worldwide are many, but Venice’s is unique and unmistakeable. And there is no need to explain it, its history in the first place and then the scenery it takes place in, a city, quite simply, which time has not changed.