Long live Art, Living Art!

Indeed… The Biennale could not have chosen a more pertinent title for this 57th edition.

Art in Venice is indeed as alive as ever. Thanks to its extraordinary history, thanks to the Biennale, thanks to the many institutions and foundations that have found their place of election here.

Hence there cannot be but one exclamation… Long live Art!

Whatever its age may be, whatever corner of the world it comes from, this human expression, maybe the purest that man has ever produced, is the absolute star in a city that remains an absolute example of it.

And as its President Paolo Baratta states, the Biennale wishes “to celebrate, and almost give thanks, to the existence of art and the artists who offer us a broadening of our perspective and of the breadth of our existence through their worlds” once again.


Open to the public from 13 of May to 26 of November, with an exceptionally extended opening time of over six months, the International Art Exhibition (this is its exact name) represents an almost unmissable appointment, not only for art lovers, but for all those who wish to discover something new, something different… To sum it up, for whoever wishes to be amazed by the unlimited creativity of man, even though sometimes, maybe quite often, it turns out to be incomprehensible.


To understand how extraordinary this event is, here are some figures: 120 participating artists coming from 51 countries, 85 National Participations, 23 Collateral Events and Special Projects, including the Pavilion dedicated to Applied Arts, managed in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


The exhibition is very extensive, stretching from the Giardini to the Arsenale, to… the whole city. Therefore there is not an actual itinerary, even though the pivotal hub of the exhibition revolves between the central Pavilion and the Arsenale spaces where the works selected by French curator Christine Macel are situated, in a display that she wanted very strongly to be “with the artists, of the artists, and for the artists”.

Here, nine Trans-pavilions, as they have been called, represent nine chapters in a story, which is sometimes paradoxical, about the complexity of the world and its expressions.

But the Biennale, as many know, is not only art, at least not in the stricter sense of the term.

The month of June will see a further stage-floor opening, that of ballet, or rather, the International Contemporary Dance Festival, now reaching its eleventh edition. Its opening (on 23 of June) will be dedicated to American choreographer Lucinda Childs, to whom the life achievement Golden Lion will be awarded this year.

During this period, further important rendez-vous will entertain Guests in Venice.

For instance, regarding sports, we remind you of the Transadriatic “Venice-Novigrad-Venice”, a very classic nocturnal sailing regatta in two laps, starting from its departure from the scenographic Arsenale basin on the first of June; the Vogalonga, a spectacular rowing marathon on the lagoon, starting from St. Mark’s Basin, on Sunday 4 June; Art Night Venice, a fascinating nocturnal event dedicated to culture, with exhibitions, talks and performances organised by Ca’ Foscari University with the collaboration of practically all the great cultural institutions in town, on 17 June; David Hockney,82 portraits by one of the stars of American contemporary art, opening from 24 June at Ca’ Pesaro; the Lagoon Rally, once again for sailing enthusiasts on 24 and 25 of the month.

Among the many events this month, we are also pointing out the important music and opera programme by the Fenice; the official opening of the Lido beach; the popular festivities of St. Peter of Castello and St. Peter in Volta; the Sant’Erasmo and the Saints John and Paul rowing season regattas.