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Micromega began its activity in September 2000 with a first international patent, filed by the founder and inventor, Roberto Carlon. Growing up first of all as an optician in his father’s historic shop, Roberto decides to give light to his personal idea of ​​eyewear, moving away from the world of traditional eyewear. The project stems from the research to create a product that is above all essential, light and resistant, and most importantly the result of craftsmanship.

Micromega Boutique opened in 2003, between Accademia and San Marco, along one of the most prestigious shopping streets in Venice.
Thanks to an Italian and international clientele, the brand has gradually grown in importance and notoriety to include Elton John, Yoko Ono, Norman Foster, Emma Thompson and many others among its customers.
In 2015, a restyling and enlargement of the boutique brought great news and the possibility of further expanding the collections and public exposure.
In addition to the shop, where the latest creations are always displayed, Micromega cannot disregard its Laboratory, the beating heart of production, which combines the use of sophisticated technologies with craftsmanship and experience.

The Team

Micromega was born and grew as a small family businessRoberto has always been supported by his son Ugo and his wife Luana.
To enrich the team, Silvia and Lorenza welcome customers to the store, assisting in the choice of eyewear, while Dario dedicates himself to artisan production in our laboratory.
Recently, after studies in the fields of architecture and design, the other sons Giulio and Anna Elena also joined, bringing new life and stimuli to the project.


Opening: Tutti i giorni
Opening time: Lun. – Sab. 10 – 19
Dom. 11 – 18

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Apertura: Tutti i giorni
Orario apertura: Lun. – Sab. 10 – 19
Dom. 11 – 18
• Montature occhiali personalizzate e artigianali
• Ottica
• Personalizzazione

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