The Artists’ Angel |Twentieth century Art and “All’Angelo a Venezia” restaurant

Until 30th August 2020

This exhibition, part of the programme celebrating the the Querini Stampalia Foundation’s 150th birth anniversary, in collaboration with Lineadacqua and Villa Morosini at Polesella, is presenting a series of paintings, letters, testimonials, photographs, sketches and other documents regarding the world of art and culture revolving for years around this famous restaurant belonging to Renato and Vittorio Carrain, two post-war Venetian scene protagonists who marked an important and original chapter in the cultural scene with their venue, and not just in town.

The exhibition is the first stage of a project planning to address and to present the history, the protagonists and the collections of some of the main Venetian venues in the 1900s. Exhibition curators, Giandomenico Romanelli and Pascaline Vatin.



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