VENICE 1860-2019 | Photographs from the Graziano Arici Archive

Open until 10th May 2020

It was 1860, Venice had recently been annexed to the Kingdom of Italy, when Giovanni Querini left his legacy.

Today, one hundred and fifty years later, the Querini Stampalia foundation is performing the mission Count Giovanni entrusted to it.

A dual tale – about a city and a foundation – presented on this occasion as a sort of visual memory inside the foundation spaces through 140 photographs, nineteenth-century originals, plates and stereoscopies, digital prints.

This exhibition, the first of a series, born with the aim of enhancing the extraordinary fund donated in 2017 by Graziano Arici to the Querini Stampalia, offers an overview on photography, an art which has become familiar by now, which began, established and transformed itself practically over the same century and a half of life of the city and of this institution.

Exhibition curators, Graziano Arici and Cristina Celegon with Barbara Poli.


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