Idols – The power of image.

An important exhibition presented by the Ligabue Foundation leads to a sort of journey through time and space, through a hundred items, some coming from its collections, towards the origins of human representation, touching on some founding themes of humanity, including that of the representation of power. The featured time frame is vast, from 4000 to 2000 bC, as well as the geographical range, which reaches the Indus Valley from the Iberian Peninsula. So one may admire statuettes of idols differing from each other in shapes and sizes, materials, iconography and symbology. Open until 20 January 2019. Curator, Annie Caubet. Catalogue published by Skira. Opening hours every day from 10am to 6om excluding Monday, with admission free. Tickets € 8.00, concessions € 7.00; special concessions € 4.00. Info: