RADICAL Contemporary Art Project | Linea di principio

Radical, meaning something concerning a root apparatus and which anyhow includes a mutation, a change. This new project, from 7 december, by the Fondazione Berengo, an institution known at an international level in the field of contemporary artistic glass, springs from this concept, for its cycle of contemporary art research exhibitions, based on the strength of content and linked to glass only from a conceptual and metaphorical point of view.

The first exhibition in the program is Linea di principio, curated by Daniele Capra, with the artists Nemanja Cvijanović and Giovanni Morbin. A two-person show in which glass is not used as a production material tout court, but rather as a metaphorical starting point to explore the sharp and ambiguous identity that characterizes it. The project, promoted by the Fondazione Berengo, features Penzo+Fiore’s artistic direction.