The Doges’ Apartment Reopens: Exploring the Rich History of Venice’s Ruling Figures

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After years of hosting temporary exhibitions, the apartment of the Doges in Palazzo Ducale has reopened its doors to visitors. The Fondazione Muve, responsible for managing the civic museums in Venice, has made the decision to reintegrate the Doges’ apartment into the regular exhibition route. Situated in the magnificent Renaissance wing, which was reconstructed following the devastating fire of 1483, the renewed space now showcases paintings, objects, and artifacts that offer a deeper understanding of the millennial history of this institutional figure.

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Discovering the Doges’ Apartment

The Doges’ apartment, nestled within the Renaissance wing of Palazzo Ducale, served as the private residence of the elected rulers of the ancient Republic of Venice. This wing was meticulously reconstructed after the destructive fire of 1483, which had ravaged the previous structure occupying the same space. The recently reopened rooms not only provide a glimpse into the private life of the doge but also include select boardrooms where intimate meetings and gatherings took place.

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Unveiling Venetian History

The new exhibition in the Doges’ apartment takes visitors on a journey through time, using paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, printed materials, and other historical artifacts. These treasures, which form part of the civic heritage held by the Fondazione Muve, are not typically accessible to the public. The exhibition aims to illuminate the nature and characteristics of the doge’s role, exploring its profound connection to pivotal moments in the history of the Venetian Republic. Each room focuses on different aspects, starting with the process of electing a doge and then delving into diplomacy, international relations, significant battles, and even conspiracies—all viewed through the lens of selected doges who played significant roles.

Experiencing the Ducal Life

The final rooms of the exhibition provide a glimpse into the opulent and princely aspects of the doge’s lifestyle. Through carefully curated displays, visitors can immerse themselves in the worldly and ceremonial dimensions of the doges’ lives. From sumptuous attire to elaborate decorations and symbols of power, these spaces transport visitors back to the glorious era of the Venetian Republic.


With the reopening of the Doges’ apartment, Palazzo Ducale offers visitors a unique opportunity to delve into the rich history of the Republic of Venice. By showcasing an array of artworks, objects, and documents rarely seen by the public, the exhibition sheds light on the nature and influence of the ducal office. Whether exploring the corridors of power, analyzing diplomatic endeavors, or immersing oneself in the grandeur of the doges’ lives, this captivating exhibition provides a captivating journey through the ages, celebrating the legacy of the Venetian Republic and its esteemed rulers.

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