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Why Veneto

Choosing Veneto means choosing a travel destination. Veneto is full of treasures to be discovered. In Veneto every type of holiday is possible, in an area of ​​just 200 km in length you will find all the beauties of nature and the most beautiful artistic peaks reached by man.

In Veneto you can admire the world from the top of the Dolomites or lose yourself in the blue of a sea rich in history, travel through the eras along the city streets or taste the rich Venetian cuisine with its DOCG wines.

Venice the city and the lagoon

In Venice you will admire a unique city in the world walking through its streets, visiting its palaces, enjoying an aperitif sitting at the tables of renowned and historic bars.

In the itineraries that we suggest you will discover and love culture, you can dedicate yourself to relaxation and body care as the ancient Romans did, you will savor tradition through foods and customs that have been alive for centuries, you will practice sports in close contact with the most varied nature. Here you can always count on the efficiency of the facilities at your service.

Our intent is to give you a tool to plan your stay

Veneto and Venice will enchant you, come and find out!

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