Hospitals in Venice

Hospitals in Venice: Access and Emergency Phone Numbers

Ospedale dell’Angelo

Located on the island of Murano, Ospedale dell’Angelo offers high-quality medical services. It is easily accessible by water or vaporetto (water bus). In case of emergency, you can contact them at the number: +39 041 527 5311.

Ospedale SS. Giovanni e Paolo

This hospital is situated in the heart of Venice, near the famous Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo. It is one of the main medical centers in the city and can be reached on foot or by vaporetto. For emergencies, call the number: +39 041 529 4111.

Ospedale Fatebenefratelli e Oftalmico

Located on the island of Giudecca, this hospital specializes in ophthalmology and provides excellent services. It is accessible via vaporetto. For emergency calls: +39 041 242 8111.

Ospedale del Lido di Venezia

This hospital is located on the island of Lido and is well-known for its emergency and urgent care services. It can be reached by vaporetto or ferry. For emergencies: +39 041 2385668.