Autopark Ca’ Doge

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Autopark Ca ‘Doge, theFriday and Saturday open 24 / H only 3,5 € per hourby 20.00 to 08.00.

Once in Piazzale Roma, park your car at ‘Autopark Ca ‘Doge,A secured car park by the professional staff and a closed-circuit television system.

It ‘s the perfect solution for those not renouncing the charm of Venice, and to live with comfort, the starting point for a visit to an unforgettable Venice, between history, culture and curiosity.

The parking applies an hourly tariff:4.50€the first hour for all types of car. Subsequent hours are4€for a maximum of35€for 24 hours for cars and45€for Van, SUVs and SUV. Motorcycles have an hourly rate of2€and a maximum of20€for 24 hours.

From April to September our “AUTOPARK DUKE” 24H will be open on Friday and Saturday20.00 8.00 from PM to AM 3,50 €  instead of 4,50

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