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Page 8 – Editorial


While nearby Trieste, with its extraordinary Barcolana regatta known worldwide, reaffirms itself as the sailing capital, Venice, a city always intertwined with the sea, certainly doesn’t want to appear any less.

As is well known, its history revolves around sailing, not just as a sport but as a true way of life.

Sailing, the Venetians reached the farthest corners of the Mediterranean, from the Aegean to the Holy Land, all the way to Egypt and beyond, touching unknown lands at the time, such as Cape Verde, the westernmost point of Africa, and the Lofoten Islands, north of Norway.


There are several reasons to recommend a visit to Venice, even more so if it falls in the month of October.

First and foremost, the mild climate that heralds the winter season but also offers the pleasures that only a few cities can provide.

But what to recommend?… Without a doubt, the simplest things. For example, getting intoxicated by a lagoon sunset or strolling until you get lost (only to find yourself again) along the labyrinth of alleys; crossing the Grand Canal by water aboard one of the last gondola ferries or being captivated by the multitude of shop windows and boutiques, or yet, enjoying an aperitif, a coffee, an ice cream, a dinner while savoring the city’s small squares or climbing one of the many bell towers and being enchanted by a bird’s-eye view.

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