Superamenti – 3rd appointment of the PGC

“Exploring distance”, 3rd appointment of the project “SuperaMenti

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection together with Swatch Art Peace Hotel opens on 2021 with Cecilia Jansson’s workshop “Exploring distance”, 3rd appointment of the project “SuperaMenti. Artistic practices for a new present”.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection continues its dialogue with “young adults”

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection continues its dialogue with the “young adults”, offering them the opportunity even remotely to interact with young artists of international renown and learn about their artistic practice thanks to the SuperaMenti project. Artistic practices for a new present, four workshops conceived together with Swatch Art Peace Hotel. Swedish artist Cecilia Jansson will be the protagonist of this third event, with the workshop “Exploring distance”, which will be held remotely from 22 to 24 January 2021.

Thanks to the language of art, which through its universality creates bridges between generations and distant countries, at this time when museums and places of culture remain closed, the project gives more than ever a voice to both young artists and participants themselves in their workshops creating a continuous exchange of ideas and reflections. The workshop is as always free and by reservation from January 4th, subject to availability.

On Zoom two preparatory meetings with the artist

On January 8th and 18th two preparatory meetings will be held on Zoom with the artist, open to all, with the participation in the first meeting on January 8th also carlo giordanetti, CEO Swatch Art Peace Hotel, and Karole P. B. Vail, director of peggy guggenheim collection.

Workshop conducted by Cecilia Jansson

Through the drawing, the workshop, which will be conducted by Jansson in English, deals with the theme of the human body as a measuring and limiting tool. The social distancing, implemented in recent months, has focused on the physical and relational boundaries of each individual making everyone more aware both of their body presence and of the psychological and emotional impact that proximity and physical distance bring with them. Thanks to the comparison, tasks and exercises assigned by the artist herself, the participants of the workshop will be able to elaborate these themes, offer their interpretations and create large drawings and works on paper. The techniques used will be drawing, collage, assembly. The laboratory, which investigates the physical limit as a narrative possibility, will end with an installation of the silhouettes of the bodies designed by the participants, and beyond.

How to participate in the workshop

In the first part of the workshop, which involves the realization of a drawing of one’s body according to the instructions given by the artist herself in a tutorial, everyone can in fact participate, then sending their work by January 13, 2021 to: Education Department, Peggy Guggenheim Dorsoduro Collection 701, 30123 Venice.

"Cecilia Jansson's work during her residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai fascinated me from the first moment, thanks to the artist's ability to integrate the human being into his work, making him at the same time an object of representation and an active subject", says Carlo Giordanetti. "In this workshop, which marks a significant milestone in our collaboration with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Cecilia has been able to combine the essence of her vision with the current circumstances, and I am sure that from her work and the young participants will be born an interesting idea of a new community, perhaps the most pressing challenge of this historical period. 

The new year of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection is dedicated to a truly inclusive artistic project, open to everyone and especially to the youngest, perfectly in the spirit of Swatch’s dialogue with contemporary art”.

In addressing the themes of contemporaneity through the lens of art, SuperaMenti. Artistic practices for a new present is part of the collaboration, born in 2018, between the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and ASviS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development that deals with promoting the 17 Objectives of the United Nations 2030 agenda, touching in particular on goal 4, quality education. Harper’s Bazaar is a media partner of the project.

For information on participation write to the Education Department, Peggy Guggenheim Dorsoduro Collection 701, 30123 Venice.

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