THE ZURICH ROOM. Tribute to Zoran Mušic

24 March – 23 July

After a long and complex work done by Mušic’s pupils, the “Zoran room” is returned to the public, now recomposed to Palazzo Fortuny as a central element of an exhibition  dedicatedto its author like a sort of iconographic summa of the artistic production of those years: from the Dalmatian motifs of women on horseback, with parasols, to donkeys and ponies in the rocky landscape or dancing in the void; from the crowded ferries of horses or cattle to the decorative bands with lozenges, stripes, swirls, rounds or shingles, up to the paintings of Venice.

23mar10:00 AM23jul6:00 PMLA STANZA DI ZURIGO. Omaggio a Zoran MušicTHE ZURICH ROOM. Tribute to Zoran Mušic