Basilica dei Frari

93c96f21-8286-4e1f-8df6-a725c6c333f8Under the Doge Jacopo Tiepolo (1229-1249) and Ranieri Zen (1253-1268) the Franciscans worked hard to clean up the lake Badoer, a marshland in the San Stefano Confessor (San Stin), and there built the first church of Santa Maria Gloriosa and the adjoining monastery.

But the first church was already small for the faithful who flocked to hear mass. So, from April 28, 1250 covering the whole field was enlarged to the channel it defines.
Eighty years passed and the church also appears to be too small so that it was decided to reverse its architecture reducing the portion near the river and building there on the field of Frari. It was also dug a well for fresh water and turned around the apse bringing the main facade of the new church in the direction of the channel.

Around the year 1330 began its work by Jacopo Celegato, completed by his son Pier Paolo in 1396. The new church, the Franciscans erected the third, had three naves, a transept and seven apses, but thanks to the generosity of John Corner in 1420 was erected the chapel of San Marco with the addition of the eighth apse.

Interior of the basilica toward the apse with the altar-piece by Titian
In 1478, the Pesaro family was granted the sacristy where the family chapel and burial place. It was the ninth straight pentagonal apse.

3750In the years 1432-1434, the bishop of Vicenza Peter Miani built at the foot of the tower to the chapel of St. Peter buried come to death. The church was slow, so that the facade was finished in 1440, while the altar in 1516. It was consecrated May 27, 1492 the name of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari.

Also this beautiful church was looted by Napoleon. On May 12, 1810 was deleted from the large religious community of the Frari, that of the Friars Minor Conventual. All the churches of religious (San Stin, San Toma ‘, San Polo, San Augustine) were entrusted to diocesan priests. In 1922 Patriarch Peter La Fontaine welcomed the return of Friars Minor Conventual Province of Padua, and in 1926 Pope Pius XI raised it a minor basilica.

The present church is brickwork in the Italian Gothic style. The interior contains the only presbytery fence still in place in all of Venice.

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