Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore

The first church dedicated to St. George was built between the eighth and ninth centuries. In 982 the island was donated to a Benedictine monk, who founded the adjacent monastery. The present bf252d18e779be0b32c77e90f41eb174church, built by Andrea Palladio, who worked on the project since 1565, is one of the best-known works of the architect of Vicenza.

In 1566 the first stone was laid, and in 1575 had already been raised the walls and the drum of the dome. The latter was completed in 1576 and was completed in 1591 the choir. The facade was built, according to the original plans between 1597 and 1610 by Vincenzo Scamozzi, 30 years after the death of his master.

The current bell tower (75 m tall) dates back to 1791: Built in 1467, collapsed in 1774. A barrel square cell with Istrian stone and conical spire, offers a unique view of Venice and the lagoon.

Benedictine monks still officiate in the church.
Particularly suggestive is the ceremony held on December 31 or January 1 with the commissioning and Gregorian monks dressed in beautiful period costumes.

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