Scuola Grande dei Carmini

pianerottolo_02The school of piety and charity, dedicated to Santa Maria dei Carmini obtained official recognition by the Council of Ten September 22, 1597, and was elevated to the Great in 1767. The brotherhood had built the current home, designed by Caustello and Longhena, during the seventeenth century next to the church belonged to the Carmelite monks, where the Brotherhood had its initial headquarters and an altar dedicated to the Virgin.
The Scuola Grande dei Carmini is located in a corner position between Campo dei Carmini and Campo Santa Margherita. The south façade looks out on the Campo Santa Margherita, the West facade overlooking Carmini field; a third to the east facing onto calle del Nonzolo.
It is evident the proximity of the school to the convent church which shows the close link has always elapsed between the Carmelite Fathers and Brothers of the School.
The interior rooms of the School have kept to its past original furnishings, consisting of important oil paintings, rich stucco ceilings and original carved wooden altar frontals.
The Chapter Room, where the brothers gathered at the meeting to approve the proposals put forward by the Guardian Grande, the most important representative of the annually elected by the brothers to school together “Junta”, Giambattista Tiepolo painted between 1739 and 1749 nine incomparable paintings at the top of the ceiling depicting the series of theological virtues,cardinal and other spiritual attitudes, all of which referred to the Virgin Mary, angels and cherubs bearing the scapular, the symbol of devotion, and mariegola, which contains the rules of the brotherhood; the center of the large painting tells of “The apparition of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to St. Simon Stock while delivery the scapular”. Also of note in the rooms of the ‘Archive and’ Hotel of GB Piazzetta masterpieces (Judith and Holofernes) and Padovanino (The Assumption of the Virgin).
pianerottolo_01The purpose of the School, whose brothers were lay people and members of the class of citizens, with the exclusion of nobles and religious, was to give religious and economic support to the brothers, in distributing alms to the poor and the sick, and to contribute to their funerals, in dowry to provide the girls for marriage or for monastic vows.
All the rooms of the school are intended to museum visits, as well as religious and cultural events that take place in the Chapel (90 + 10 seats) in the ground or in the Chapter House (60 + 10 seats) located on the first floor ( M.16 x 9).

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