Palazzo Cini

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The Palazzo Cini Gallery is a refined museum house created in 1984. It contains a significant part of the historic art collection of a leading 20th-century Italian collector: the industrialist and philanthropist Vittorio Cini (1885– 1977).

mg_1184The Gallery is laid out on two floors: the first recreates the charm of the patron’s residence with fascinating evidence of cultivated collecting in Venice, while the second hosts exhibitions and cultural events. The Gallery was established through a donation by Yana Cini Alliata di Montereale. In 1981 she presented the Fondazione Giorgio Cini with part of her father’s collections and some rooms in the Palazzo Grimani, acquired by Cini with the adjacent Palazzo Foscari in 1919 and 1920. The legacy thus preserved the vital bond between the collection and the house, now re-opened to the public thanks to the support of Assicurazioni Generali.

The donation consists of 13th- to 16th-century Tuscan paintings, sculptures and art objects, such as the outstanding group of Renaissance enamelled copper items, a group of Gothic ivories and the Cozzi porcelain table service laid out in the Neo-Rococo oval room, designed by Tomaso Buzzi. In 1989 an extraordinary collection of Ferrarese Renaissance paintings was added to the initial collection, courtesy of the Ylda Cini Guglielmi di Vulci heirs. In 2015 her heirs further enhanced the Gallery with a new group of art works and furnishings, also once in the original Vittorio Cini collection.

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