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Naval History Museum of the Italian Navy – Full ticket

The ticket grants the entrance to:
– NAVAL HISTORY MUSEUM OF THE ITALIAN NAVY Riva S. Biasio, Castello 2148, 30122 Venezia
The Museum contains objects related to the maritime history of the Serenissima Repubblica, such as the reconstructions of a trireme, of a “galeazza” (large galley, protagonist of the victory over the Turks at Lepanto in 1571) and of the Bucintoro, the ceremonial ship used by the Doge on Ascension Day for the “marriage of the sea”. It also contains models, paintings and memorabilia related to the history of the Italian navy.
– SHIP PAVILION Fondamenta dell’Arsenale, Castello 2162c (near Naval History Museum of the Italian Navy)
Exposes some specimens (real, not models) of typical Venetian boats, ancient ceremonial gondolas, working lagoon boats and military boats.

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Since 1600, the Venice Naval Historical Museum is the place dedicated to the splendor of the Venetian naval tradition. The museum is hosted in a eleventh century palace in Campo San Biagio (Arsenale), its collection is located in five levels, for a total of 42 exhibition rooms.   The Ships Pavilion, now housing a detached section of the Venice Naval Historical Museum collection of historic ships, consists of three serially arranged units, and of a fourth one, of similar size, orthogonal to the first ones. The building was built in the mid-sixteenth Century as an oars workshop and storage facility. Shortly after its completion in 1577, it was temporarily adapted to house the Great Council, the main government body of the city, following the disastrous fire that had destroyed much of the Palazzo Ducale, making it useless for a long time. The rooms basically retained their function of specialized workshop for the production of oars, supported by a blacksmith workshop and storage spaces, until the mid-nineteenth Century.  Following the reorganization of the Arsenal started after 1866, when Venice was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy, the premises were used as storehouses and workshops by the Military Engineers. In this period the roofing was restored, with the introduction of an interesting bidirectional system of iron ties which integrated the wooden roof trusses.

The Venice Naval Historical Museum is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm (last admission 4 pm) The Ships Pavilion is open every day from 11 am to 5 pm (last admission 4 pm)

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MUSEI e CHIESE (Tourist City Pass ed ingresso a Musei e Fondazioni) Non è prevista l'emissione di fattura per servizi regolamentati dall’art.22 del DPR 633/72 che prevede l'esenzione per prestazioni inerenti alla visita di musei, gallerie, pinacoteche, monumenti, ville, palazzi, parchi, giardini botanici e zoologici e simili. SERVIZI IGIENICI PUBBLICI (Veritas) Così come riferito dal DECRETO del 21 dicembre 1992: Esonero dall'obbligo di rilascio della ricevuta e dello scontrino fiscale per determinate categorie di contribuenti. (GU Serie Generale n.300 del 22-12-1992) Non sono soggette all'obbligo di documentazione disposto dall'art.12, comma 1, della legge 30 dicembre 1991, n. 413, le prestazioni aventi per oggetto utilizzazione di servizi igienico-sanitari pubblici.

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