Venice Carnival 2017: The vanity fair

The main event of the city of Venice in February is Carnival of Venice.

Creatum: the Vanity Fair is this year’s theme. A full program which will see Venezia committed 11 to 28 February with classic themes such as “Festa Veneziana on the water” which will open on February 11 in Rio di Cannaregio, and transforming it into a real water stage with a show that every year enchants thousands of spectators with floating structures move on the water theme of the Carnival. The event will begin at 18:00 and will be replicated at 20.00. The next day on February 12 the Festa Veneziana on the water will move to the Grand Canal to reach the Rio di Cannaregio from 11.oo. Upon arrival of the boats will open the stand Gastronomic cicheti which will give the public, Venetian specialties and sweets of the Carnival tradition par excellence: the fritole and Galani. In the following days; Lido in Love…a special event  during  Venetian Carnival, The competitions for the traditional “Festa delle Marie” on February 18, starting from San Piero di Castello around 14:30, will travel via Garibaldi and Riva degli Schiavoni in a spectacular parade, and will arrive on the stage in Piazza San Marco around 16.00. The festival, a unique moment to admire the costumes of the Venetian tradition, unfolds over several days until the proclamation of Maria del Carnevale. Continuing in the various days there was also the Flight of the Angel of the Carnival officially opens the festivities of Carnival in Piazza San Marco. Welcomed in the crowded parterre by groups of historical re-enactments in costume, in the embrace of the melt svolo voltage of the Doge and the public, thrilled by the spectacular sight that always celebrates, even on the national and international networks, the Carnival of Venice. Dress by Atelier packaged by Stefano Nicolao. As has become tradition, it will be the 2016 edition Maria Claudia Marchiori to assume the role of the Angel 2017. But there are many holidays and occasions to dress up, or admire the “Carnival costumes” and living a special excitement in the city of Venice. But the Carnival of Venice is also the Carnival of Venice metropolitan cities. with 13 parties scheduled in the municipalities of the metropolitan area, with dinner / show such as “The Official Dinner Show and Ball …” to be held from February 18 to February 28 in the frame of the wonderful Palazzo Ca ‘Vendramin Calergi the Venice Casino. But so much more you can find in the official website of the Venice Carnival