L’Chaim – Tour of the Jewish Ghetto

Culture, tradition and goodies related to the Ghetto and the Jewish world. You will have the opportunity to meet, accompanied by specialized personnel, a place of Venice with nostalgia and atmosphere and great cultural and symbolic value. It ‘also provided with a kosher wine tasting: the Jewish – Venetian cuisine is perhaps one of the richest, thanks to the cosmopolitan character that has always characterized it. The Tour L’Chaim propose a thorough and comprehensive approach to Judaism by combining the rigor of relevant explanations, related to religious and monumental heart of the area, particularly with regard to the synagogues, interactivity with participants that help address questions and curiosities, especially during the convivial moment.

Tour include:

  • Visit Guide with certified three synagogues, spiritual and artistic heart of the Ghetto, sober outside but sumptuous inside.
  • Visit the Banco Rosso. The site is the only pawnshop visitable in Venice after being closed for centuries. The visit also includes the screening of a short documentary, to better understand the cultural and historical importance of this place.
  • Walking through the Ghetto: history, architecture, characters, curiosity.
  • The trip in the Jewish culture will end in the garden of the restaurant Ghimel Garden, the only one in Venice kosher certified by the Rabbi Community of Venice. Participants will be greeted by a Welcome L’chaim! L’chaim! Hebrew exclamation, which means “To life!”, is used during the toasts as people raise their glasses; followed by a tasting menu of Venetian Jewish cuisine, accompanied by wine, all strictly kosher, a kaleidoscope of flavors and fragrances, a “fusion” cuisine so fashionable these days, but with old recipes and tradition.
  • The tour includes the presence of one or two our staff to illustrate the history and traditions of life in the ghetto and Jewish historical Venetian cuisine according to the dictates of Kashrut

For reservations and information:

venicebeyondtheghetto@gmail.com / + 39 331 5265149


Tour L’Chaim (Italian) € 58.00 per person

Tour L’Chaim (Inglese) € 65.00 per person

Children under 13 years € 35.00

In collaboration with the CTA for Associations, Clubs, Groups committed on the territory, C.r.a.l. It is designed a route at the special price of € 34 per person valid for groups of at least 8 people;

Days: the Tour is held every Sunday but can also be on the other days of the week, except Saturday, by reservation and the achievement of 4 participants.

Duration: about 3h 30 ‘;

Meeting point: in the Ghetto Nuovo Campo, wait for our operator to the front benches at the Jewish Museum;

Languages: Italian and English. Other languages will be budgeted ad hoc based on the number of participants and with reservation at least 48 hours before the tour;

Partners Jewish Museum – CoopCulture, Banco Rosso, kosher restaurant Ghimel Garden.