My Christmas Venice

Venice will shine of magic lights with My Christmas Venice and Christmas Art lighting design created by Chiara Bocchini and the artists involved in the project.

The poetry of Christmas trees, created by 15 artists who interpret the symbol of Christmas with their poetry and technique, will give life and splendor in Rio Terà dei Catecumeni and Rio dei Saloni.

The artistic journey of the trees ends with the giant tree / sculpture by Gianni Tarli artistic director of the MCV, near the Basilica della Salute.

An innovative event for Venice! Inside the Basilica you can admire a sumptuous carpet dedicated to Madonna della Salute made with Infiorata technique by TRUCCIOLINARTE, winners of the first prize in the international ephemeral art festivals in the Vatican. As the spirit of My Christmas Venice the donations collected will be donated to the restoration of artistic heritage of the area.

To the pupils of schools of Dorsoduro has been taught the technique and their “infioratine” will be exhibited in the Church of St. Agnes.

The important churches of the district will be alive with lights, sounds, solemn functions dedicated to Christmas Vespers organ and music that invite guests to visit the beauty of the places and gather in moments of spirituality. Concerts of Green Clouds, seven specialized international artirste in Celtic music, Christmas concerts with bagpipes, piano concertos by Donato Di Pasquale and concerts by Jazz Trio Band will liven up the Christmas in Venice.

Inside the churches you can also admire the nativity scenes in the exhibition “From Palestine to Venice.”

Santa Claus will await the children in San Vio Venetian house next to the gondola that he will use for his passage in Venice…