New Navigation Service Times

Has been in place since March 29, 2018 

Starting from March 29th, alongside the usual service of Line 1 and 2 in the Grand Canal (5 runs / hour for each line with a frequency of 12 minutes), to which are added the reinforcement races in the commuter bands of the line 2 /, the new line 1 / from 1 to 5 pm will be provided with a capillary service between P.le Roma and Rialto with departures every 12 minutes and stops at Ferrovia, Riva di Biasio, San Marcuola, San Stae, Ca ‘d’Oro and Rialto Market. Line 1 (including line 1 /), at the beginning of the Grand Canal, will therefore be delivered with a run every 6 minutes.
During the central hours of the day, the capacity and frequency of transport along the first section of the Grand Canal is further increased in order to guarantee a better level of comfort, especially for the resident population who must move for personal, work or leisure reasons. one side of the main waterway of Venice. Altogether therefore, between P.le Roma and Rialto a vaporetto will travel every 4 minutes between line 1 and line 2 (including 1 / e 2 /).

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