5IT-V1-D12-1750-1 Venedig, Ponte dei Pugni / Gemaelde Venedig - Venezia (Italien), Ponte dei Pugni. - 'Kampf zwischen den Castellani und den Nicolotti auf dem Ponte dei Pugni in San Barnaba'. - Gemaelde, unbekannter venezianischer Maler, 18.Jahrhundert. Venedig, Museo Civico Correr. E: Venice / Ponte dei Pugni / Paint./ C18 Venice - Venezia (Italy), Ponte dei Pugni. - 'Fighting between the Castellani and the Nicolotti on the Ponte dei Pugni in San Barnaba'. - Painting, unknown Venetian painter, 18th century. Venice, Museo Civico Correr. F: Venise / Ponte dei Pugni / Peint. / 18e Venise - Venezia (Italie), Ponte dei Pugni. - 'Combat entre les Castellani et les Nicolotti sur le Ponte dei Pugni in San Barnaba'. - Peinture, peintre venitien incinnu, 18eme siecle. Venise, Museo Civico Correr.

“Pugni bridge”… why this name?

Pugni bridge. In the past, until 1705, the citizens of Venice were divided into two different factions, the Castellani (those who lived in the Castello, St. Mark – San Marco and Dorsoduro zones) and the Nicolotti (who lived in the Cannaregio, San Polo and Santa Croce areas).

Clashes were frequent and often took place on the city’s bridge. These fights, which at times involved hundreds of people, were not repressed or punished by the government, who merely decided the rules. The conflicts could only take place between September and Christmas and they followed a precise set of rules. Once the challenge had been made, referees were chosen, as was the bridge where the fight would take place. On the chosen day, each faction would arrive at a roll of drums and the sounding of trumpets and would present its champion who either fought alone or in small groups.

The real war only began after this. It consisted of a gigantic free-for-all with hundreds of men battling to get to and claim the centre of the bridge.

Fisticuffs were allowed and, until 1574, sticks too. These were sharp people died. The picture you found on the bridge is the shape of a foot which marked the contestant’s starting point.

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