Canova Restaurant will take you to taste Parma’s flavour

The September days are here,
with the summer the best of the time,
and autumn with the best of happiness.
(Helen Hunt Jackson)


The last beach umbrellas are closed, the sea is greeted. You look at it with that melancholy, but also with the awareness that September always brings with it of a new adventure,  of discovering (or rediscovering) new flavors, new sensations. Then why not start with the palate with the offers that the Canova Restaurant of Baglioni Hotel Luna proposes from 18 to 24 September, with a special day on Wednesday 20.

From next Monday, in fact, the restaurant will bring all its customers to discover the flavors and tradition of Parma, which has always been synonymous with good food. The Parma cuisine will be the protagonist of the dishes created by Chef Alberto Rossetti who will propose the following menu at the price of € 90,00 (drinks excluded).


Typical Parmesan cold cuts: Parma Ham, culatello and salami

€ 30,00

Risotto creamed with Borgotaro mushrooms i.g.p.

€ 26,00

Braised veal cheek with vegetables, potatoes with celery and black truffle

€ 28,00

Cold zabaglione with Malvasia, served with sbrisolona (crunchy cake with almonds)

€ 16,00

To celebrate the best of Parma’s cuisine, the 20th will be an evening to not miss with a menu that is born from the collaboration of Alberto Rossetti, Executive Chef of Canova, Enrico Bergonzi, Chef Patron of Al Vedel Restaurant – Podere Cadassa di Colorno (PR) and Fabio Romani, Chef of Vicomero di Torrile (PR). Here’s what the 3 Chefs are proposing to you, taking you on a journey between traditional parmesan recipes (€ 100.00, drinks excluded):

Welcome appetizer with 30-months-aged shaved Parmesan cheese and strolghino

The great cold cuts from Parma

Homemade culatello (Podere Cadassa) – 36-months-aged Parma Ham – Salami)

€ 30,00

Tortelli with wild herbs, paired with D.O.P. Borgotaro mushrooms

€ 26,00

La rosa di Parma with truffle sauce from our hills

(fillet, stuffed with Parma Ham and Parmesan cheese)

€ 38,00

Semifreddo with nocino, crunchy base of nuts and chocolate

€ 16,00