Valentine’s day at T Fondaco

The T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, the leading address of DFS Group in Europe, is ready for you to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day with various creative and customized initiatives.

From February 10 to 14, The lovers visiting the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi are invited to capture the moment In the special photobooth of love. Photos are Printed on Point or, optionally, SENT to smartphones right on for immediate sharing on social channels. The tags will be, as usual, #TFondaco.

The DFS Group Group in Venice offers the perfect idea for a romantic gift. It’s true that the purchase of a perfume or a beauty product MAY seem like the obvious choice on Valentine’s Day, but everything changes when the object is personalized with the name or a phrase an effect.
From 11 to 14 February, on the third floor of the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, purchases in the beauty sector will be engraved to get a real wow effect!

So in an digitized era, T Fondaco proposes to return to paper and love letters. Preferably with good handwriting. To practice, after too many text messages, or refine your own style, 9 to 14 February A professional calligrapher will be at your service to demonstrate writing. Or to write on the love note the name of the person you love.

In the week of Valentine’s Massimiliano Alajmo, Chef Stellato of AMO New restaurant inside the Fondaco, will propose the unusual love Stock Exchange: The menu of gourmet takeaway Solving the desire to set up at home a memorable dinner .

The Proposal of the Chef include:
Orange salad, prawns, fennel, radicchio and cuttlefish with turmeric
Lasagna with seafood with spicy tomato sauce
Medallions of lamb with estragone crust with potato gratin
T AMO, the special cake Massimiliano Alajmo creates for Valentine’s Day
A list of suggested wines complete the kit.

The love bag for two PEOPLE has a cost of € 120 and can be booked up to Friday, February 10, by calling 041 2412823 or by mail at
You can buy T AMO cake (for two) at € 16 In the pastry AMO (T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Venice).