The dawn of a new day…

The vivid colours of sunrise light up the day… a new day is thus dawning in Venice. 

The ancient quay of Saint Mark is still deserted. Gondolas are resting in the water-basin in front of the Doge’s Palace colonnade.

In the background, the profile of the island of San Giorgio, with the millennial complex which has seen popes and emperors. 

This is the picture we have chosen for opening this new issue of a Guest in Venice, the little guide which has discreetly been accompanying visitors in town for forty-five years.

Not only… this is an emblematic image for a day opening onto new life. For a normality that we almost forgot during the past year, which was missing in Venice, and throughout the world.

The dreamlike image of a Venice laid bare, stripped of the people who fill its streets, squares and palaces like a vital sap, soon turned into a nightmare.

Today, as we all hope, the difficult moment appears to have passed. 

The city, its institutions and its citizens have started to welcome the world once again, in the manner, grace and beauty that have always been acknowledged in Venice and which have made it for centuries one of the most enlightened republics in history.

Here, then, that “un Ospite di Venezia” returns to provide its service to tourism with a look at the proposals also of the Veneto.

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And here we go again


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