Giancarlo Franco Tramontin a tribute to the artist, now 91 years old

Knowing the past for reaching the future il Passato per arrivare al Futuro

The upper portico of the Doge’s Palace, outlined by a colonnade in white Istrian stone surmounted by Gothic capitals… it is the setting for the sinuous lines of a modern artwork, by a long-standing Venetian master: Giancarlo Franco Tramontin, one of the most established sculptors in town, an artist who has been able to infuse his works with contemporaneity while also retaining a strong bond with ancient poetics.

Bugno Art Gallery, personal exhibition with a selection of works by Giancarlo Franco Tramontin

A tribute to this master, now ninety-one, which we wished to offer, and which the Bugno Art Gallery, one of the most well-known Venetian galleries, is presenting in these days with a solo show featuring his latest sculptures and a selection of works by the artist created in the past forty years.

A tribute we also want to extend to the art of sculpture too, which is being celebrated at the Museo Correr just a few steps away from the Doge’s Palace, with a splendid photography exhibition dedicated to one considered unanimously among the greatest exponents of Italian sculpture of all time, Antonio Canova, on the occasion of the bicentenary of his death.

History, tradition and modernity in Venice

History, tradition, but also modernity, Venice has always played its role as a crossroads wisely, not just for peoples and religions, but also for styles. Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, 19th and 20th centuries… everything here comes together in an almost perfect fusion.

Not only, nowadays the town has also been capable of morphing into one of the capitals of the contemporary world. Thanks to La Biennale and its International Exhibition, Venice has been able to incorporate the top trends of Art into its weft for over a century, ranging from Music to Theatre, from Cinema to Architecture, up to Dance.

This is, after all, why Venice is a city of the world, today even more than before, where the past is not just something to study or admire, but a stepping-stone to understand our values better, and to reach a better future, all together.

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Giancarlo Franco Tramontin a tribute to the artist, now 91 years old


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