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On the cover, Luxury Beach Club Des Bains 1900: Paradise on the Beach of Lido di Venezia.

If you want to escape from the chaos and brawls under the beach umbrella and desire to enjoy a relaxing day at the sea, the beach of Lido di Venezia is the ideal choice. This charming beach stands out for the orderly arrangement of its “cabins” along a wide expanse of golden sand. Among these, the Luxury Beach Club Des Bains 1900 is the most exclusive and captivating novelty, offering an unparalleled experience focused on relaxation.

Description of Luxury Beach Club Des Bains 1900

Immersed in the colors of the sea and bougainvillea, Luxury Beach Club Des Bains 1900 is ideally located at the end of the Gran Viale, the road that leads from the docks to the beaches. Here, guests can choose from three types of accommodations: the iconic pagoda-shaped cabins, convenient changing rooms, or traditional umbrellas, all arranged along the refined stretch of golden sand.

A Unique Experience

Luxury Beach Club Des Bains 1900 offers much more than just a day at the beach. In addition to the magnificent view and splendid beach, guests can enjoy a restaurant that serves culinary delicacies and a bar for refreshing drinks. Moreover, a wide range of leisure activities is available for those who seek a bit of adventure and fun during the day.

Maximum Relaxation and Comfort

The Beach Club is committed to providing a top-level relaxation experience. The cabins and changing rooms are equipped with all the comforts to ensure guests a private and cozy place to unwind without worries. Impeccable services and attention to detail will make this experience on the beach of Lido di Venezia truly unforgettable.


If you desire an exclusive seaside experience, immersed in luxury and tranquility, Luxury Beach Club Des Bains 1900 on the beach of Lido di Venezia is the perfect choice. Enjoy a day of relaxation and fun in a refined and enchanting environment, where the colors of the sea blend with the scents of bougainvillea, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

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