Hospital SS Giovanni e Paolo

The San Giovanni e Paolo Civil Hospital is a hospital complex which, as throughout the city, has historical facades and interiors, it is possible to visit the Scuola Grande di San Marco which is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9.30 am to 1 pm 14:00 to 17:00. The Scuola Grande is a Renaissance building that overlooks Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice and was built by the Confraternity of San Marco.
In 1438 the confraternity of San Marco moved to an area ceded by the preaching friars of the SS. Giovanni e Paolo, next to the homonymous basilica. The marble decoration of the façade was entrusted to Pietro Lombardo, assisted by his son Tullio, and to Giovanni Buora, the latter’s author, of the portal.

Ospedale SS. Giovanni e Paolo Venice’s main hospital; for emergency care and dental treatment. The entrance is on the water near the Ospedale waterbus stop.

Passport or other equivalent document

The administrative admittance office will provide a form for the acquisition of all relevant information on payment arrangements for medical costs.

switchboard 041 5294111
medical management 041 5294311, fax 041 5294994, e-mail:
administrative offices 041 5294916, fax 041 5294666
reservation number 041 8897908: you will be redirected to your landline or mobile phone

Visiting hours from external people
Weekdays 15-16 and 19-20, holidays 10-11.30 and 15-19 anesthesia and resuscitation weekdays and holidays (one person only) 13.30-14.30 and 18.00-19.00 UCIC (cardiological intensive care unit) 15-16 and 19.30-20 admission.
At the time of admission, some data are requested from the User: address and telephone number of a trusted person to whom you can send any communications; name of general practitioner / pediatrician for an exchange of information with the doctors who follow him to the hospital.
It is advisable not to allow children under the age of 12 to enter the wards and not to receive more than two visitors at a time so as not to disturb the peace of the other patients.

There are departments in which, for the protection of the tranquility of the patients and for reasons of hygiene, special restrictions on visits are required for citizens of States not belonging to the European Union (foreigners: non-EU citizens and stateless persons) Passport or other equivalent document. The administrative acceptance office delivers a printed document for the acquisition of all the information necessary for the definition of economic relationships, insurance, residence permit, etc.