Service Fees and service commission

Service fees: reserves the right to apply on each sales transaction the commissions for the booking service, according to the agreements with the organizers and in any case at its discretion. Any such increases will be explicitly highlighted with the most suitable methods in correlation with the different sales channels. The price of the Entry Certificates, as well as the fees for the service and the Shipping Costs, as well as any other price displayed on the Website, must be understood as inclusive of the applicable TAX.

The service fee amount is shown as a separate item during the purchase process and summarized before the payment is initiated, so you are aware of the amount of the online purchasing service fee commissionthat you are choosing to use and may abandon the purchase if it considers this amount not appropriate to the service offered, choosing another type of purchase.

the event organizer can insert a pre-sale ticket in the price of the ticket offered online, the sale price will include any pre-sales which will be indicated as an item in the product. In the Voucher / entrance ticket you will receive by email the pre-sale item if present, it will be indicated separately in the voucher / ticket you will receive. The pre-sale price can vary from product to product and will always be traceable to the organizer.

Tickets / vouchers for access to museums
the MUSEUM TICKET entrance and the EXHIBITIONS scheduled, will be sent within 24 hours from the confirmation of payment.

Tickets for public transport
The voucher selected from the calendar is sent within 24 hours from the confirmation of payment. This must be replaced by the appropriate electronic issuing machines before boarding public transport. All tickets or vouchers purchased will be sent to your email, possibly check the SPAM box or authorize our address.

Home delivery.
Depending on the type of product there will be the possibility to receive the product directly at your home. This method will have longer costs and shipping times. Shipping costs vary by country and will be added according to your choice.

Billing / receipt:
You will receive the invoice or the tax receipt according to the method chosen at the time your registration to your e-mail address. (not provided for entrance tickets to museums and TPL tickets (local public transport)

Private: the receipt will be issued once confirmation of payment has been received.
Exception: (MUSEUMS AND CHURCHES (Tourist City Pass and entrance to Museums and Foundations) It is not possible to issue an invoice for services regulated by art.22 of Presidential Decree 633/72 which provides for exemption for services related to museum visits , galleries, art galleries, monuments, villas, palaces, parks, botanical and zoological gardens, etc. PUBLIC TOILET SERVICES (Veritas) As reported by the DECREE of 21 December 1992: Exemption from the obligation to issue the receipt and the receipt for certain categories of tax payers. (GU General Series no. 300 of 22-12-1992) The provisions for the documentation provided for by art.12, paragraph 1, of Law December 4, 1991, No. 413, are not subject to object use of public sanitation.)

back to the cart is configured as an intermediary agency between the company that proposes or organizes the event and the final customer. When ordering, but prior to payment, it reserves on the basis of agreements with the organizers or suppliers to enter service fees.

The ticket you will receive will be issued directly by the service provider or event that will respond according to regulations, and will be indicated the price of the ticket and any pre-sale. Any service fee will be due entirely to If for any reason the event is not available for organizational reasons of the organizer, we will indicate and support you for any refunds or anything else. However, the final organizer will always be responsible for any refunds. For tickets that allow entry to museums, no reimbursement is envisaged. The service fee is not refundable except by malice from