Salvadori Diamond Atelier – gioielleria

Salvadori was founded in 1857 in Venice. A member of the major world diamond exchanges, Aneversa and Tel Aviv, it is here that we buy all our GIA- and HRD-certified diamonds.

Salvadori offers exceptional quality standards that include only gemstones certified either exceptional white, or white (D, E, F and G), and either Loup Clear or VS. Every Salvadori diamond has excellent cut characteristics that best enhance its own brilliance.

Salvadori produces each item of jewellery with their own hallmark (VE370) and their own name. All our designs are copyrighted. We value platinum, and gold in all its shades, dedicating extended time to the mounting of each stone, uniting our mastery of the craft to cutting-edge techniques and mounting under microscopes.

A Salvadori piece is synonymous with elegance, refinement and exclusivity.

Salvadori will be happy to meet you in the new shop, Salvadori Diamond Atelier, in Piazza San Marco.

For lovers of timepieces, Salvadori await you at the Boutique Rolex and Boutique Panerai, both also in Piazza San Marco, or at our shop on Vicenza’s Corso Palladio.