Jesurum was founded in Venice in 1870 by Michelangelo Jesurum and is now a point of reference in the international market for exclusive household linen for the home, yachts and private jets. Treasuring the refined spirit of the Venetian culture and its tradition, Jesurum has continued to evolve over the years into new, contemporary forms, without compromising on elegance or the current needs for practicality, such as traditional laces, still woven on traditional looms and then embroidered by expert hands with the skill of times gone by.

Environmentally aware, Jesurum uses natural fibres, such as linen and cotton, which guarantee high quality raw materials, enhance the hand crafted execution of the products and bear witness to the years of experience and extensive knowledge of fabrics and yarns. Staying true to its tradition of originality, rejecting all forms of mass production, Jesurum continues to meet the needs of increasingly more refined and demanding international customers, both in the business to business sector and directly via single brand boutiques, selected stores and online stores.

In its 140 years of history Jesurum has supplied some of the most important royal families in Europe and has furnished the homes of film and show business stars and important figures in the world of politics, finance and high-society, who appreciate Jesurum’s collections for their unique style and quality: some of these customers include Hollywood celebrities such as Henry Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor, Woody Allen and Paul Newman; world famous singers such as Liza Minelli, Céline Dion and Elton John; figures from the world of international politics such as Henry Kissinger; famous names from royal circles such as Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Monaco and sultans and princes from all over the world.

  Jesurum – San Marco, Calle Veste 2024 – Calle delle Ostreghe 2433
 Linea 1 Actv – Giglio o Rialto; Linea 2 Actv – Vallaresso o Rialto
 Tel. +39 041 5238969