La Perla Gallery

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our business.

Burano’s singularity strikes you immediately: its brightly colored houses, typical restaurants, and the calm confusion of tourists as they mill through the stores, workshops, and stands of lace, island’s principle source of income. Here, the Bon family runs their store “La Perla” with tireless dedication. The Bons work with trusted collaborators and have organized a special sales strategy while maintaining local charm and efficiency. The recent opening of La Perla Gallery has provided the business with more space for its high-quality creations (original Burano lace is made only by hand with needle and thread) and confirms the success of the Bon family’s business philosophy, one that places enormous pride in their island of Burano.

In the shops “La Perla” you can see a extraordinary workmanship of the original Burano’s lace.

  La Perla Gallery – Merletti e artigianato d’Arte – Via Galuppi, 376 – Burano (VE)
L’isola di Burano si raggiunge con mezzi ACTV Linea LN
 Tel. +39 041.730009 Fax +39 041.735442
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