Roberto Coin Jewellery | Venice


Roberto Coin is a top jewellery brand whose premises and laboratory may be found in Vicenza, the Italian capital of gold and its craftsmanship. Famous for its many collections, esteemed within the international panorama for their design and technological innovation which interprets antique crafting techniques anew, Roberto Coin is also recognised for its individual art in differing.

Indeed this is how the brand founder and designer defines his wish to create collections which are always different, to ensure every woman has the choice of a unique piece of jewellery, just as Roberto Coin believes every woman to be unique.

Far from conforming, such jewellery is characterised by the lack of easily identifiable aesthetic traits, the way it happens instead with most international brands which aim towards brand recognisability. Roberto Coin jewellery is united only by its mission of uniqueness and is the depository of its creator’s art of difference.




Or the first time in history, a jewellery collection was signed in 1996 by a small ruby set inside each one of its pieces. The collection name was Appassionata, and together with this unusual signature, it marked the inception of the history of the Roberto Coin brand. A brand guided by its namesake founder’s passion for creativity and for life.

Each Roberto Coin creation is the result of a thrilling process, a journey through nature, cultures and their contaminations, in a perfect balance between the past and the future. Then the hands of Italian craftsmen, the keepers of ancient traditions, are the ones that shape his imagination and give life to an entire universe of artworks in miniature.

The instinct for creating something always new and different leads Roberto Coin to launch around 5 complete collections every year, to be found in over 1000 boutiques spread throughout 60 countries worldwide. Each one is the ambassador of a precise message, containing the brand mission: offering each woman the opportunity of owning an original item of jewellery capable of highlighting both the aesthetic and the spiritual qualities that make her unique.



  • In the heart of Saint Mark’s Square, a real bijou-venue in which to discover the Haute Couture and Limited Edition collections, as well as new unique pieces of this brand.
  • Every day from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm, Roberto Coin staff will be pleased to welcome you at number 130 in Saint Mark’s Square.
  • Contacts:  – Tel. 0039 041 8475777