Vetreria B.F. Signoretti – glass factory

In B.F. Signoretti Vetreria you will find the artistic glass of Murano with original pieces produced by the most important artists as well as a warm welcome by the Signoretti family during your visit.

In the year 1291, faced with the growing threat of fires due to the furnaces that produced the glass, the Venetian Republic of Venice decreed that all the factories had to be transferred from Venice to the nearby island of Murano.

Thus began the legendary blown glass industry of Murano, and since then the art of blown glass has been synonymous with the name Murano. The long and fascinating history of Murano art has involved the murrine filigranate, the reticelli and the art of blown glass developed in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the exuberant baroque, the brief flowering of neoclassicism and nineteenth-century revival.

Bruno Fusato Signoretti, opens his company in Murano starting from the past but with a look to the future …. “The designer Gabriella Toso, descending from one of the most ancient Murano families of the 1500s, still performs some marvelous and special Rezzonico style chandeliers in any color and size and some pieces blown by the artist on the original drawings of his family for Signoretti “.

Today the company has passed into the hands of the daughters who continue the history of this company. The most important works of each period are still reproduced today, but the traditional creative spirit seeks new forms to express contemporary motifs. On show at the B.F. Signoretti are handmade chandeliers, created with a secular basic instrument, extremely light glasses, engraved and ornate mirrors, vases of various shapes and colors, modern sculptures and numerous other objects, creations of the imagination and creativity of glass masters