The Grand Ball of Princess and Princesses

The Ball

Set to the theme of “Princes and Princesses”, a fairy tale event is about to take place in Venice, inspired by the elegant charm of Monaco and the romanticism of Venice. Borders approach and wait to open on a night that consecrates the union of both worlds. Here, guests will find themselves transported into an aura of royalty like never before. Anyone who considers him/her a soul of a prince or a princess can immerse himself in this unique experience in life.

This experience invites you to join with celebrities and personalities of the fairy-tale world of princes and princesses, to an enchantment that will conquer the city of Venice.

Monte Carlo in Venice

The Principality of Monaco is famed for its originality and lavish lifestyle. Monte Carlo is the heart of luxury, glamor and princely magic. Why not indulge in a night where one can be part of that extraordinary world, full of impeccable luxury and grandeur? The enchanting atmosphere of magnificent Monte Carlo will be recreated on the beautiful Island of Guidecca, where the aristocratic event will begin as the sun descends for the night. While everyone watch the sun set across the Venetian sky clinging to the loved one to enjoy one of the most beautiful moments of his life, just as the sun sets against the backdrop of St. Mark’s Square, one can indulge in delicious cocktails and excellent wines while the stars will warm up the hearts of the participants. The coming of Monte Carlo into the Venetian lagoon is the best way to promote and circulate cinema as a high culture. Monte Carlo in Venice is going to trace cinema trajectory from the past to present day connotation and will be remembered as a prestigious event that will celebrate the prince or princess who is within each of us. It will have something special for everyone coming to enjoy the many artistic traditions.

The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses

The end of summertime brings in exclusivity the glamour of Monte-Carlo to the most romantic place in the world, which comes to enjoy an exchange of culture, music, architecture and beauty with Venice. It will undoubtedly be a glamorous night to remain in the memories of each of participant, where magic, romance and music will float in the air. It will be an extraordinary way to meet and greet with celebrities, and experience memorable magic with them.
We invite those who feel prince or princess into the soul to free themselves from the monotony of everyday life by joining in this luxurious fantasy. The romance and glamour that the event holds, will put together for a night that will never be matched again, the marvels of Monte Carlo and Venice!