Terms and conditions

The Cooperativa Chiavi d’Oro delle Trevenezie scrl – “unospitedivenezia.it” offers its clients a service of presale tickets (vouchers) and/or reservation booking through electronic channels and/or by phone. The following conditions determine and define agreements between the customer and unospitedivenezia.it.

unospitedivenezia.it wants to be the intermediary between who organize events (concerts, operas, musical events in general) and the customer who purchases tickets to attend such events. The Organizers therefore delegate unospitedivenezia.it for the execution of contractual terms on their behalf. The customer delegates unospitedivenezia.it to purchase the ticket and/or the reservation on his behalf, so the customer will receive his ticket purchased by inserting his own identification data and email address (and/or phone number). Customers are responsible if the data are not the correct ones and/or in case customers do not receive in their email the ticket purchased. The customer has the duty to verify that the ticket bought does not end up in the computer spam.

unospitedivenezia.it gives the opportunity to its customers to be able to use the service “GIFT VOUCHERS”. This service aims to make its clients purchase of a voucher that can be send by email to another person. The validity of the “GIFT VOUCHERS” is 1 year from the purchase date.

The customer, by buying tickets through unospitedivenezia.it, accepts the contractual terms and conditions at the time of purchase (price, seating assignment, time, place etc.). The promoter of the event, when he receives the order (ticket and/or reservation) by the customer (with the number of monetary transaction, the number of seats chosen and the identification data of the client), accepts the contract in relation to the number of tickets in the price range purchased and available at the time of the transaction. A different amount is considered not appropriate enough to purchase and therefore not valid. For customers who purchased only the reservation, they have to pay the remaining part of the ticket in order to be able to enter at the events (the amount to pay at the ticket office at the entrance of the venue event is specified in unospitedivenezia.it web site).

As we are treating international sales, it may occur that some events may be cancelled or changed. unospitedivenezia.it cannot be held responsible in any way for such events. When unospitedivenezia.it will have the information about these changes, unospitedivenezia.it will do everything in the most timely manner possible to warn the customers and to suggest an alternative.

All order confirmations made by unospitedivenezia.it are to be considered as valid at the time of confirmation sent to its customers, via email; therefore, customers who bought the only reservation are obliged to pay the whole amount of the sale after receiving the order confirmation.

The Consumer acknowledges that if the contract relates to the supply of products and services relating to leisure time, such as entry tickets and tickets / Vouchers for local public transport (TPL), for which the service provider agrees to supplying the latter at a specific date or in a specific execution period, the right of withdrawal does not apply, article 52 of the Consumer Code.
The right of withdrawal is possible on the distance sale of goods other than the Entry Titles and Voucher tickets for local public transport (TPL), unless such assets fall into the categories for which the same right of withdrawal is expressly excluded from the art . 59 of the Consumer Code.
In this case, the right of withdrawal may be exercised within 14 days from the date on which the Consumer acquired the physical possession of the purchased good, by sending an explicit declaration of the decision to withdraw from the contract to our Customer Service by filling out the form of withdrawal and sending it by registered letter to: Cooperativa Chiavi d’Oro delle Trevenezie scrl San Marco 2406 / A – 30124 Venice – Italy.

unospitedivenezia.it has the right to vary, modify or cancel the terms at anytime.

As it operates in Italian territory, unospitedivenezia.it apply exclusively the Italian law on the on-line sale of tickets for the events in general, predominantly musical background, as well as for the sale of material and accessories in general. unospitedivenezia.it can also sell songs and videos through electronic channels and make use of direct and indirect cooperation by third parties for booking hotels, apartments, B & B, as well as restaurants, museums and anything in order to satisfy at best its customers offering complementary services and getting a best professional result.

unospitedivenezia.it refers exclusively to Italian jurisdiction, therefore other laws of European and non-European countries, are to be considered as invalid, therefore every contentious will have jurisdiction in the Court of Venice in Italy.

The office of unospitedivenezia.it – coop. Chiavi d’Oro delle Trevenezie scrl
San Marco 2406/A – 30124 Venezia – Italia
email: shop@unospitedivenezia.it
Tel: +39 52 20 848
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