“Art unites the world” at PALAZZO ALBRIZZI CAPELLO

Regardless of technology which plays a significant role today in bringing people together through art, international art exhibitions remain a beacon helping to bring about a shared vision for a better world, fuelling hopes and inspiration for the future. 

Here then is an exhibition in the venues at Palazzo Albrizzi Capello, an elegant Venetian dwelling in the Cannaregio district, bringing together a group of international artists, thus celebrating the power of art in connecting people across space, time and cultures.

Thanks to an accurate selection of works by artists from various countries around the world, this exhibition demonstrates the unique ability of art to transcend language barriers and to bring people together in a shared appreciation of beauty and creativity.

The exhibition, presented for the occasion of the Architecture Biennale, was created after an idea by Marianna Gnedzilova, thanks to the active collaboration between the Italo-German Cultural Association in Venice directed by Nevia Pizzul Capello, Skopje Osten Art directed by Kornelija Koneska; OKXSA Projects (European Association for Interaction and Cooperation in the Field of Education, Culture and Sport) directed by Oksana Zhudina Bogo, Alexander Filippov’s Moscow SNEG Gallery.

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“Art unites the world” at PALAZZO ALBRIZZI CAPELLO


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