Art is the idea we have of beauty which speaks to the senses and to emotions.

The artist is the person who possesses a sense of beauty and is able to create a work of art.

Thus, French Swiss entrepreneur, curator, philanthropist, art collector and artist Didier Guillon, President and Artistic Director of the Valmont Group, has interpreted his vision of the art world and thus, has he chosen Venice, the city which perhaps most interprets the ideal of art and beauty.

Here, just a short walk from the famed Ca’Pesaro museum, he has created the Fondation Valmont headquarters at Palazzo Bonvicini, an ancient building located within the labyrinthine charm of the San Polo district, dedicated to its own collection but, particularly, to the promotion of contemporary art and to the support of young artists.

Here, Didier Guillon, together with his son Maxence with whom he shares the same passion, presents his showcase projects. The latest one deals with the complex theme of the Ego – hence the title of the exhibition visible today – interpreted by four artists who have taken their cue from the eternal, fragile beauty of Venice.

Here then are Carles Valverde in “Composition of two modular elements” where the notion of ego is meant as the individuality of the term society; Didier Guillon with the installation named “L’Homme Pensant”, made up of ten sculptures representing the busts of yelling men; Vangelis Kyris and Anatoli Georgiev with their photographic research named “Clothing, a Soul Robe”, a precious symbiosis between photography and golden fabric embroidery elements.

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