The Doge’s hidden treasures.

Following the important conservative restoration work which returned their original decoration splendour, the suggestive areas of the Doge’s Chapel and Ante-chapel have become the core of a novel and charming historic and artistic itinerary. It is possible to carry out this tour, lasting about one hour and a quarter, only by booking, for a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 10. Fixed departure at 11am in Italian; at 11.45am in English and at 12.30pm in French.
Due to the peculiarity of the locations, the circuit is not suitable for visitors with limited mobility.
Tickets € 20.00, concessions € 14.00 (inclusive of admission to the Ducal Palace).

Bookings via landline tel. 848.082.000, from abroad and mobile phones
The “Doge’s hidden treasures” circuit ticket offers a reduction for admission to the Clock Tower.
Payment must be made by credit card via the call centre, preferably at least 5 days prior to the visit.
Payment may also be made at the ticket office on visit day according to availability, if requested by telephone at the information office (tel.


Avvisiamo il pubblico che a seguito dell’ordinanza emessa dal Ministero della Salute di intesa con il Presidente della Regione Veneto sulle misure di contenimento e gestione dell’emergenza epidemiologica da COVID-19, tutti gli eventi in programma nella Regione Veneto dal 24 febbraio al 1 marzo sono annullati. Fino a tale date resteranno chiusi al pubblico quindi anche tutti i musei, le fondazioni, le biblioteche, i teatri e le sale concerto, sia pubblici che privati.


The public is warned that, following an order issued by the Ministry of Health together with the President of the Veneto Region regarding measures for the containment and management of the COVID-19 epidemic emergency, all events scheduled within the Veneto Region from 24th February to 1st March are cancelled. Until such dates, all museums, foundations and libraries, both public and private, shall also remain closed to the public.